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Smart Toilet - Apple toilet bidet 545EN


Are you looking for automatic toilet, electric toilet bidet or even a toilet in Singapore?

Apple toilet bidet Singapore is a good choice for you!

Premium Instant Heating System Smart Toilet 

· Tankless · Constantly producing warm water for cleansing. Ultra power saving. Water efficient. 
Apple toilet bidet differ from general tank system where the smart toilet operates instant heating system while in use only instead of storing hot water. Although there is no cold weather in Singapore, the strong aircon makes your home, office or even hotel room very cold. This gives you an uncomfortable feeling when you sit on the toilet seat or using the spray with cold water. Many positive feedback from customers, especially female, they say that warm toilet seat with gentle warm water spray gives them very pleasant and cleaner toilet experience especially during their menstrual period. With these positive reasons, 95% of homes, offices, hotels, hospitals in Korea and Japan are using electrical toilet bidet or smart toilet cover.

Convenient and comfortable


· Equipped with multiple functions for user comfort and convenience

· Nozzle position adjustable to user preference

· Temperature control – Water, seat, dryer can be adjusted to user preferences

· Dryer help with removing moisture, allowing comfort to user

· Heated seat enables user to feel more comfortable during cold weather


Premium Instant Heating System Bidet


· Tankless

· Uninterrupted warm water cleansing

· Ultra power saving. Water saved by adjusting water pressure.

· Different from the general tank system where hot water is stored, the instant heating system operates while in use only.


Exchangeable stainless-steel nozzle

The front part of the nozzle made from anti-bacteria stainless metal, compare to plastic nozzle, it has strong self-cleaning & anti-bacteria functions. Exchangeable nozzle cap enables easier and more efficient cleaning (even though metal nozzle part are almost semi-permanent usable item)


Touch Type Controller

Unlike a general controller, you don’t need to press hardly to operate. Our controller operates like a Smartphone, just gentlly put on your finger will do.


Main PCB and control PCB covered with Urethane for waterproofing.

Besides main PCB, control PCB is covered with Urethane as well, this allows you to use water spray to clean the whole toilet cover/toilet seat. It’s suitable for “wet toilet environment”, like Singapore and other SEA countries.

Apple Toilet Bidet -Review.jpg


· Exchangeable stainless-steel nozzle at toilet bidet

The tip of the nozzle is made of P.P (Polypropylene), and the rear part is made of stainless steel.

Making the exchange of nozzle easily accessible and more sanitarily.


· One-Touch Detachable

Main body of the electric toilet bidet can be easily removed from the toilet bowl, so that every corner can be thoroughly cleaned easily.


· Self-cleaning Nozzle function (most important function in toilet bidet system)

Nozzle is self-cleaned before and after each usage, ensuring more hygienic use of the product.


· Easily Detachable Cover

One touch detachable cover for easy cleaning


Cleansing (Posterior wash)

Cleansing function used for all after using the toilet

Bidet (Feminine wash)

Bidet function offers warm soft spray and better hygiene for women

Move (Oscillating wash)

Nozzle oscillates gently back-and-forth for wider coverage during cleansing

Turbo Cleansing

Generating stronger jet of water spray, ensuring cleaner and more hygienic cleanse

Automatic Cleansing

From cleansing to dry, operation starts and ends automatically

Smart sensor

Unlike non-electric bidet or manual bidet, this function avoids accidentally spray the water on you when you are cleaning the toilet. Our product only functioning when someone sits on the toilet bidet


Kindly check for your toilet bowl dimension before making the purchase.

Feel free to contact us for assistance.

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