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With the proper maintenance care and installation, cushion floor is highly durable and can last for up to 10 years. The floor sheets are able to be installed in high moisture areas of the interior. Cushion floor adjust to weather temperature and generally feels softer than real wood or ceramic tile floors.


About Cushion Floor

Flexible roll sheets, similar to wallpaper. Unlike floor panels, which are stiff bulky planks that is interlocking strips. Cushion sheets would not perish from water and is waterproof. Cushion flooring have become extremely popular with home owners and even in corporate settings as it is water resistance, durable, resilient and insulating. In addition, it is inexpensive, easy to install and can come in large variety of designs that real flooring is unable to.

Self-adhesive vinyl flooring is where the flooring have a layer of adhesive applied to the bottom during manufacturing process. The adhesive on the sheet is then covered with a protective paper backing.

Self-adhesive vinyl flooring is relatively easy to install with the simple peel-and-stick method. The vinyl flooring can also be easily removed by prying it with a knife and replace the old floor sheets. Self-adhesive vinyl flooring is inexpensive, easy-to-care for in any interiors and an excellent option for rental apartment as they can just be peeled off when residency is over without causing damaged to the original floor.


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