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Digital Door lock

With features such as the dual-way security and touchscreen based control system. Locpro Digital Door Lock will increase your home security like never before. This lock applies the power of circuit technology in order to withstand high-voltage electric shock. That way, safety is increased for this door lock. Even if the indoor temperature is 60 degrees or above, there is an alarm sound as well as an automatic release of lock on the door. 

Dynamic Designs

Locpro Push Pull Digital Door Lock uses the latest Fingerprint Air Touch Sensor.

Air Touch Sensor, were used by all the smartphone today for high recognition of fingerprint and simple usage

Little force is required to push open the Push Pull Lock due to the curve and durable handle

Locpro Push Pull Triton Mortise Lockset went through a cycle test up to 100,000 opening, and every Door lock comes with a 1 year warranty.

More than 200 designs

OCTAGON  GLOBAL  has brought in more then 200 Designs to cover the wide range of customer base. Allowing for a large range of selection.

Partnered with Korea No.1 Wall Clock Design "MORO Designs"  consistently  bringing  in new updates and up-to trends designs.


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