With features such as the dual-way security and touchscreen based control system. Locpro Digital Door Lock will increase your home security like never before. This lock applies the power of circuit technology in order to withstand high-voltage electric shock. That way, safety is increased for this door lock.

Even if the indoor temperature is 60 degrees or above, there is an alarm sound as well as an automatic release of lock on the door. 

GL725 [ Glass Door Lock ]
SS725 [ Sash Lock ]
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Digital door lock in Korea


Korea! as one of the digital door lock pioneer country, 90% of houses/homes in Korea has digital door lock since 2005, and it is not something new or luxury equipment, rather consider as necessity in Korea. Once you started use it, you will never want to bring bunch of keys with you anymore, and the convenience of using it can’t make you back to old days (analogue door lock era).


Trend of using Digital door lock in Singapore


From the statistic, it is reported that Singapore is the fastest country in SEA in adopting digital door lock culture, and already 15% of houses in Singapore has at least 1 digital door lock, and the growth become faster. (every year Singapore import USD4~5million worth digital door lock from Korea), and this number is almost 2-3times more than our neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.


Product quality & technology of Korean door lock


Over 30 years of smart door lock culture in Korea, nowadays quality and technologies are in their almost top levels, and each Korean door lock must pass KS certificate in order to distribute in the market, and KS certificate requires the most tough criteria.


General introduction of Korean smart door lock


Korean digital door locks are the most reliable and convenient device regarding the safety of your home and office. The traditional door locks are being replaced with the latest technology, smart door locks, especially in Singapore and in other cities in SEA, such as KL, Bangkok, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, Manila. Among many international brands, Korean brands are the most reliable and popular in these markets.


We have a large variety range of models for customer’s needs; we have cutting edge technology products, as well as most basic yet durable simple rim lock. Being authorised dealer of few Korean brands digital door lock, we, Octagon Global Trading, are here to provide the distribution, installation, warranty, troubleshooting services to Singapore customers. What’s more, Singapore as a fast growing country in terms of technologies and smart home market, more than 40% of people has more than 1 smartphone, and utilize this kind of resources at maximized level, we launched Bluetooth digital door lock, able to open the door even remotely.


Also in our more advanced collection of door lock, they equip with biometric door lock function, which just use finger print to open the door lock. We also recommend our basic series to those customers who install at the first time or use for rental home. These basic models do not mean the quality is low, it never comprise with quality, the reason why it is basic and affordable, is because there are millions of these models are manufactured and exported from Korea each year, and 70% of Korea houses are using them. You can surely find the most suitable digital door lock for your home from our variety range.

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