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Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Moro wants to realize various designs and colors, So the best materials that have the same inner and external colors are used to bring out many kinds of visual effects.

“With Eco-friendly materials that are harmless to human bodies and have achieve Self-control Safety Management Standard.Bringing Style point wherever you choose to display the product. ”

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Moro clock design does compromise on the designs and colors, So the Eco-board materials was created to be both Environment-friendly & Stylish with great Visual impact. The Eco-friendly materials are harmless to human bodies and does not discolored easily. Based on a Self-control Safety Management Standard, Achieving safety Standards of raw materials for infants toys. Coupled with various functions and multiple effects, allowing for stylish interior design.

Moro clock design uses Premium Suzuki Silent Movement, providing accurate and silent time throughout the day. Walnut wood is also used as the material for the clock hands, it provides good stability and is highly resistance to deform with rich colors.

It also has strong resistance to corrosion, even in corrosion prone environment.

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