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Premium rack and table for household needs,

made from Korea, with high quality of material which makes long-lasting

products on your house.



Deko Rack

A fully customizable interior rack, with minimalist design

Deko Desk

It's time to adjust the desk according to your posture.


Ideal to organize your everyday clothes or seasonal outfits.

deko rack-1200x1200.png

Deko Rack

A cost-effective shelf proper storage management.

Assembled without hammer, bolts, or nuts.

Placed under extreme pressure test, each rack

is able to hold up to 100KG

Stable Construct

Stable build with sturdy material.

The rack would not shake even with

uneven weight balance.

LP Sliced-02.jpg
LP Sliced-04.jpg

Deko Desk

Take care of your posture with high quality

with 100% real bamboo.

The fluid movement and quiet mechanism.

Digital Display

The table has a digital display panel with low noise double motor and USB charger


Bamboo Hanger

Made from bamboo + MDF board.

Ideal to organize your everyday clothes

or seasonal outfits. Help you save space

and make the room look organized.

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