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choice of wall improvement

Wall and Furniture Improvement

Wallpapers quickly and easily change the look and theme of your house.  Wallpaper is highly customizable and is incredibly affordable as well. 

Our wallpapers are manufactured with non-toxic materials that are odorless 

and easy to take care of with the bonus of being mold-proof! They are straightforward to install and do not leave any paper residue when you want to remove them!

Choose the right Wall and Furniture Improvement


Korean Wallpaper

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INFEEL Laminate

INFEEL sheet is a self-adhesive wallpaper, a wallpaper that has its adhesive pre-applied on its back during production.


Foam Wall Decor

These Foam wall decor are an excellent substitute for wallpaper and are highly durable.

Why wallpaper and furniture improvement are important

Interiors make your home complete. While furnishing is important, nothing will look right unless your walls are on point. Whether you use paint or wallpaper in your home, it has a huge impact on your home’s aesthetic. If you’re decorating your home, focus on your walls first. Before you’ve chosen a colour scheme, you need to decide what will be on your walls. 

1. Wallpaper is durable
& can last longer

Aside from beautifying your commercial space, wallpapers are also your best economical choice when it comes to workspace design. Compared to paint, a wallpaper will last up to five times longer in your workplace if it is maintained well. The average shelf life of a high-quality wallpaper is 15 to 25 years. This will give you so much advantage, as you will no longer have to spend great amount of money on design upkeep.

Idun Sandstone S10206-1300x1300.jpg

2. Wide Range of Style and Design

Wallpaper comes in a variety of designs with a large selection of textures and effects. Beads, flock, metallic, emboss and other textures.

3. Low Maintenance

Contemporary wallpapers are much more durable and low maintenance than most of us realize. The external side of most residential wallpapers are made of vinyl, so they are extremely durable and easily washable, unlike papers of times past. This means they’re less likely to scratch, tear or stain.


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