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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Locpro Digital Door Lock will increase your home security like never before. This lock applies the power of circuit technology in order to withstand high-voltage electric shock. That way, safety is increased for this door lock

With features such as the dual-way security and touchscreen based control system.

Locpro Digital Door Lock will increase your home security like never before.

Dynamic Designs

“ Air Touch Sensor, were used by all the smartphone today for high recognition of fingerprint and simple usage " Locpro uses the same Air Touch Sensor into the touch panels

Locpro Push Pull Triton Mortise Lock set went through a cycle test up to 100,000 opening, and every Door lock comes with a 1 year warranty.

Locpro Digital Door Lock

A Premium grade of Digital Door Lock. With features such as Anti-Panic Emergency Exit, Fire Detection, Passcode Hide, Electronic Shock Prevention, Fingerprint Sensor, Wireless Connect & many more...

Easy to Open ! With 4 ways to open your door, the Digital Door Lock provides easy & convenient accessibility to all users. Passcode Touch Panel , RF Card Access, Emergency Key & Ultra Fast Fingerprint Access

Go Key-less Experience the Convenience

“Be original, show off your style, let the Digital Door Lock tell your story.”

Let your house personality shine through with a fancy digital door lock. Always forgetting your keys? Go key-less with Locpro to never experience being trap outside of your door ever again.

Get Secured with Smart Lock

A Smart Digital Door lock has proven to be more & more of an essential item within the household or office. Increase in Security, Abandon the old ways of dull door, Go Smart! Get Secured!

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