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Updated: Dec 5, 2019

More than 100 Designs!

OCTAGON GLOBAL has brought in more than 100 Designs to cover the wide range of customer base. Allowing for a large range of selection. Partnered with Korea Top Wall covering company "Hyundae Sheets" & "Magicfix" we can consistently bringing in new updates and up-to trends designs.

Brick's Collection

This fabulous collection features a variety of wallpaper with both Contemporary & Retro styles. This compilation features the best selling designs.

Our Partnering company are always coming up with New & Innovative designs to ensure that the collection are up to date.

Wood Series Collection

"The pure beauty of wood grains is said to be a healing remedy. The color selection is extensive and offers the right solution for any style in both residential and commercial spaces."

Patterns & Design

“Original Style, Show Off your Fancy style and tell your story.”

The beauty of a material comes from meticulous design and care for details, the balance of the finished floor, the shades of color. This is Octagon's product culture.

Glossy Selection

The Marble pattern has been worked by man for thousands of years, and its applications have gradually been mastered over time. Our product are crafted through all that age-old experience

Tiles Design

Chosen from hundreds of shapes and colors to make your one-of-a-kind tile blend. Tile Design wall sheet allows for a blend of classic and modern interior design.They are as versatile as they are beautiful. A great addition to any office or home.

The Tile Designs are a Classic design to choose from. The tile shape allows for various symmetry designs, like the Mosaic design. A local favorites among the Korea folks.

Basic Plain Design

The Plain collection "This is Basic" covers the simple minimalist concept which gives the whole area a brighter & spacious feel.

Less is More , Basic's concept definitely proofs such idea and allows for home owner the choice of substituting for Permanent Paint.

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