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Updated: Dec 5, 2019

100% EASY - This wall paper can be applied to any flat wall - Vinyl Wallpaper, duplex wallpaper, painted walls, glass, steel, and wood surfaces - you can even use it in the bathroom!

It is easy to recover because there is no damage to the original surfaces when you remove it - and no need for tools(even 10 years later)!

Plus there is no need to move your furniture and the maintenance is a breeze!

“U2 Water adhesive wallpaper features extremely easy application. Zero tools needed for installation, Highly adaptable with small size to allow for easy manipulation."

Even complete beginner would be able to perfectly apply on to the wall without any difficulty.

Each piece is calculated to match seamlessly with the other piece to create a highly realistic design print. Saving you the cost of hiring an professional installer.

Modern Minimalist

Having wall paper has never been easier - no tool or skill needed, even kids can do it! Everyone can become a pro with the new Piece of Cake Wallpaper, all you need to do is put the sheets in water and you can place them straight onto the wall and adjust to your liking.

See how easily you can transform your wall. U2 wallpaper will hang onto all smooth surface. It will never damage your original wall. It’s quick, easy and most importantly removable even after 10 years!

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