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Manual Bidet / Non Electric Bidet Vs Electric Bidet

What is Manual Bidet / Non Electric Bidet?

These are traditional sanitary devices that do not require electricity to operate. The direction and flow of spray of water can be manually adjusted using a lever or a knob. And they do not function on electricity, they fail to provide warm water. So manual bidet / non electric bidet are just satisfying your basic needs and not giving you an enhanced toilet experience. Sometimes, manual bidet sprays water on you by mistakenly touch the switch while you are cleaning toilet. Also manual bidet has no self-cleaning function, it’s not hygiene unless you manually clean the bidet daily, but guess nobody would like to clean their toilet seat everyday.

Pros and cons

Like all other sanitary gadgets, they have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages.


• Offers easy install options

• Energy conserving as they do not use electricity

• Affordable and easy to operate


• Causes hygiene issues due to the manual spray

• Lacks the option to heat the seat

• Does not have the option to adjust temperature and pressure of water

• Does not provide warm water

•  Does not have self-cleaning function at the nozzle

What is Electric Bidet?

An electric bidet has certain extended functionalities in comparison to non electric bidets. It can provide warm water for a more comfortable toilet experience. Electric bidets also have the option of heating the seat of the toilet, remote functionality and timer features. These are smart toilet devices that help to conserve water and electricity. Last but not least, electric bidet has fantastic self-cleaning function, keep the stainless steel nozzle cleaned all the time, which gives you maximum safety and comfortable toilet experience. 

Pros and cons

Electrical bidets have transformed the way toilets function. Even though they have several benefits, like any other products they also have a few downsides. Here is a list of the pros and cons of electric bidets.


•Provides clean and hygienic toilet experience

•Electrical bidets can heat the seat of toilets

•Has a built-in heater to provide warm water

•Remote to control several features of the bidet

•Automatically raise or lower the seat

•Timer to schedule operations

•Minimal of electricity will be consumed since it only operates when in use

•Helps elderly and physically disabled people with the best cleaning solution


•The cost of electric bidets is a bit higher

•Requires professional installation with licensed electrician (we do provide this service at a very reasonable cost)

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