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Apple Toilet Seat Cover

Apple Toilet seat cover is one of the important parts of the whole smart toilet bidet and it helps redefining the whole toilet experience. Here is a list of features that is making them popular.

Warm function at the toilet cover

You may turn on the “all the time warm” function at the toilet cover if you love to have warm feeling when you sit on it. This gives a soothing touch to your skin and extends maximum comfort. Our innovative technologies are aimed at keeping you warm at any time.

Sensor to unlock the spray function

To prevent you from getting sprayed when you are cleaning the toilet, there is a sensor at toilet cover to detect anybody is sitting on it. So it will be safe even you accidentally press on the “wash button”. 

Comfortable for user’s experience

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional or manual toilets is not being able to offer comfortable and flexibility to the users. However, Apple Smart Toilet Cover addresses this issue by offering a comfortable and adjustable seat option in its product.

Dryer helps remove moistures

The dryer function helps to remove the moisture and keep your back clean. This is a feature which is found in very few smart toilets. The speed of dryer is adequate and does not cause any discomfort to your skin.

One touch detachable cover for easy cleaning and removal

Cleaning the toilet cover is as easy as washing a plate. All you need to do is remove the detachable cover from the toilet bowl and clean it with a dry or wet cloth. Then, you just have to plugin the cover to the toilet bowl again. This helps to ensure that your toilet cover stays fresh, hygienic and clean, all the time.

Elongated Design

The elongated design of the smart toilet seat cover along with the toilet bowl will help to fit it in almost all the standard washrooms. It has been manufactured keeping in mind the shape and design of the most widely used toilets. So you don’t have to worry if the smart toilet can be fit in your washroom. In addition to that, the elongated design also gives a comfortable feel when you sit.

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