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Smart Toilet Bidet Spray

Your washroom is a place where you must necessarily maintain hygiene at all times. Cleansing yourself after your toilet rituals is one of the key areas where hygiene and comfort come into the forefront. If you are sensitive to using toilet paper or just need an easier way to cleanse yourself, the Apple toilet bidet spray is your best option. This toilet spray is an ultimate upgrade for your bathroom if all you are looking for is a healthier, simpler, and hassle-free bathroom experience.

Features of Apple Toilet Bidet Spray

With a metal coat and a stainless steel rear, this toilet spray is always rust-free and clean. This also means that it is long-lasting and do not break easily. Directly imported from Korea to Singapore, the toilet spray provides you with a smooth cleansing experience every time you are in the washroom. What's more, the bidet spray can be automated and its smart functions allow you to use it in more than one way. Further, they have an instant heating mechanism so that you do not have to worry about washing your sensitive zone with cold water suddenly. 

How to use toilet bidet spray?

The Apple Toilet Bidet Spray comes with a one-touch button that you could use to turn on the water flow. Next, choose from several wash functions available. The main functions are:

• General cleansing after using the toilet

• Softer spray specifically designed for women

• The nozzle oscillates slowly to cover a larger cleaning area

• Stronger jets of water flow to ensure a more hygienic cleaning

• The entire process of cleaning and drying is automated, that is, the water flow starts and stops on its own

Smart is the Future

Technology is moving at a rapid rate and smart sensors are imbibed everywhere. Why, then, should your toilet experience be left behind? The smart toilet sprays, although conceptually developed in Japan and Korea, are fast becoming essentials in other parts of the world. 

Upgrade your bathroom today and take another step towards a smart, comfortable, and healthy life.

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